Everyone has untapped potentials, and it comes out when the eco system changes and demands for more. However it can be foreseen with expert knowledge and experience, and that's where we come in to help you.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Industrial Automation (IA) is starting to change the work place and advance robotics are increasingly used across all sectors and for a wide range of tasks from precision agriculture to nursing, including the centuries old textile industry that we are representing. 


We believe rapid progress in automation will soon make collaboration between humans and machines an everyday reality, and our goal is to prepare our customers to face that reality. 


Smart production lines require smart material inputs, which are adaptive to various production environments, and ecological. Hence we have carefully selected our business partners with sound R&D background to deliver our vision to the market.


148A Bandaragama Road,




T: 0094 761356051

T: 0094 761356050

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